Meyriel Edge Art

Welcome! Someone once said my paintings are full of sunlight and I was quite surprised, but, when I looked, I saw what she meant. I hope that they bring warmth to your day.

I have been drawing and painting all my life, thanks to my father providing me with sketch books and then leaving me in peace. I discovered I loved teaching, and I combined the two by graduating in art education from Chester College in England, after a two year Foundations course at Flintshire Art College, where I was advised to draw every day. This became my lifelong mantra.

After several years as a working artist and teaching middle and high school art in Wales, at Mold Alun School, Brynhyfryd School, and St Brigidine’s, I moved to Illinois with my husband and two small children. Two years later we went to South Carolina where I taught at East Cooper School, followed by 24 years at Ashley Hall in Charleston, SC.

Now I am painting full time. My work is mainly concerned with the natural world and its effect on my life. It could be an alligator in the pluff mud, or sheep on a Welsh mountain, but it is always as a result of my own experience, not a copy of somebody else’s work, although I am informed by Egyptian Faence paintings, daVinci, Rembrandt, the Dutch painters, Bonnard, Klimt, Andrew Wyeth, Rien Poortvliet, Sunandini Baneriee, top notch abstract painters, and more. I visit art museums as often as possible. Last week I was thrilled to see exciting contemporary work in the BROAD in Los Angeles. I do a great deal of investigative drawing, and eventually that knowledge appears in a painting, usually subconsciously.

The pieces on this site, if not shown as examples, can be purchased. Portraits of people and animals can be commissioned, and I prefer to discuss a client’s requirements and expectations so that we can arrive at a mutually agreed fee, rather than my having a fixed price list.

Thank you for tagging along on my Journey through the Edge of Time!

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