2020 has been like no other year!

Staying at home has been a gift to me. I have been structured and prolific during the months since March, and I have discovered many things. In practical terms, I had no idea that there were online gallery shows and competitions, so I began to submit my work. I have received an award every month for the last five. This has been validating and encouraging, and I respond enthusiastically to new themes. Interestingly, my work has veered more toward the abstract- it is a more poetic and less literal way of working and is better able to describe my thoughts and feelings during this unsettled time. I am an intuitive painter anyway, so this really suits me. However, after awhile I need to get back to a more literal style. I love switching!

I continue to work on commissions. Some are portraits but some have few guidelines beyond the size and color preferences. Collectors are wonderful people, and I remain in awe of them.

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